A “subjective shot” on labor

Appel à articles pour le n° 9 de la revue Snodi, à paraître au printemps 2012

The “subjective shot” is a film technique which allows the spectator to perceive somebody else’s perceptions. How can historiography use a “subjective shot ” on the past? Can historians explore labor being at the same time faithful to experience, while checking on their own partiality? Can historians emphasize subjectivity without giving up a collective perspective, the social organized within production, vita activa (in Hannah Arendt’s sense), mass cultures and “labor societies”? Excavating subjective representations of labor forces historians to question the categories and models through which institutions, politics, unions and intermediate groups have explained and have imposed rules over labor. They have done so by attributing to laborers missions, cultures, ideologies, which did not always correspond to the lived experience of individuals and small groups. (…)

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Deadline : 30 janvier 2012

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