Re-inventing the welfare state?

2016 Annual ESPAnet Conference | Du 1 au 3 septembre 2016, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Date limite d’envoi des résumés : 18 mars 2016

European welfare states are being confronted with a remarkable paradox. After years of budget cuts, reforms and austerity measures, the means for social policy have become increasingly scarce. Nevertheless, the ambitions of European welfare states are currently higher than ever. The welfare state is no longer only responsible for providing a safety net for social risks, but also propagates the active inclusion of vulnerable people. Under the header of social investment strategies, the emphasis of services and programmes has shifted from ‘preparing’ to ‘repairing’, human capital development has become the pivot of policy design, and welfare states are relying less on social insurance and more on the provision of customised integral services. (…)

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