The Highly Skilled Maghrebians “on the move”

CARDONA GIL Emmanuel, JAMID Hicham, GARDELLE Linda. « The Highly Skilled Maghrebians ‘on the move’: A Circular Cross-border Dynamic from the Mediterranean ». Journal of Mediterranean Knowledge [En ligne], vol. 1, n° 1, 2016

Arising from the internationalization of training, when communication conditions have changed and now offer innumerable opportunities, highly skilled graduates manage their careers confident of unlimited possibilities. Following a qualitative study carried out within a research project on Maghrebian graduates educated in French engineering schools, this paper aims at analyzing the migration process of Maghrebian engineers.

It was observed that the migration of these highly skilled individuals is neither irrevocable nor unidirectional. They may be regarded as being permanently “on the move” between their home country, the country where they studied and other destinations. At the cutting edge of IT, their mastery of digital technologies enables them to be almost permanently connected with several worlds – home or (former) host country(ies). They develop new strategies which symbolically question national borders and create multiple identities or hybrids of transcultural values.

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Emmanuel CARDONA GIL et Linda GARDELLE sont membres du CRF, Cnam & Ensta Bretagne

Hicham JAMID est doctorant au  LISE et à l’Enta Bretagne

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