New perspectives on career counseling and guidance in Europe

COHEN-SCALI Valérie, ROSSIER Jérôme, NOTA Laura (ed.). New York : Springer, 2017, 252 p.

In industrialized societies, individuals are facing major challenges that mobilize many of their psychological and social resources. The world of work is changing constantly. Adults have to adapt their technical skills and knowledge continuously. For teenagers and young adults, choosing a vocation and constructing their future career paths is becoming increasingly difficult. The migration of people and the globalization of the workforce raise questions about social inclusion and the future of affected individuals. These examples highlight of the importance of the field of Career Counseling and Guidance to support citizens individually and collectively in building their future. The challenges our societies face demonstrate how crucial the development of research in this field is.
The European Doctoral Programme in Career Guidance and Counselling (ECADOC), funded by the European Commission from 2013-2016, has brought together PhD students working on burning issues in this field, using various theoretical references and methodologies. The four parts of this book present a selection of innovative research aiming to find answers to the named challenges.

Valérie COHEN-SCALI est membre du CRTD et chercheuse à l’INETOP.

Jérôme ROSSIER est professeur à l’Université de Lausanne.

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