Finance at work

BOUSSARD Valérie (dir.). Oxford : Routledge, 2018, 264 p.

Avec des contributions de Marie-Anne DUJARIER sur Let’s make the company a bunch of figures: Professional representations in mergers and acquisitions firms (avec V. Boussard) et de François SARFATI sur Early careers in portfolio and wealth management: The roles of class, race and gender in occupational segmentations (avec S. Mignot-Gérard, C. Perrin-Joly et N. Vezinat)

In the collective psyche, a financier is a capitalist. In managerial capitalism, the notion of the ‘manager’ emerged, and the role of the manager was distinct from the role of the ‘owner’. Financial capitalism is similarly underpinned by financiers who are not the holders of the financial assets they buy, sell, trade or advise upon.

Finance at Work explores the world of financiers, be they finance-oriented CEOs, CFOs, financial journalists, mergers and acquisitions’ advisors or wealth managers. Part I investigates the professional trajectories of members of corporate boards and financialisation as the dissemination of financial logic outside its primary ‘iron cage’; Part II responds by studying financiers at work within financial occupations or financial operations involving external actors; while Part III pursues the issue of financial boundaries by seeking out the way financial logic crosses these boundaries. Part IV takes back the hypothesis of differentiations within finance presented in Part I, and analyses the internal boundaries of asset management, wealth management and leveraged buyout (LBO) acquisitions.

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