Advanced measurement of quality of working life

École d’été du projet InGRID 2 organisée en partenariat avec le CEET | Noisy-le-Grand, du 4 au 9 juin 2018

Date limite de soumission des dossiers de candidature : 15 avril 2018

Quality of working life (QWL) gains a prominent interest on the public debate and especially at the European level as it is a major component of well-being. Among the research circles and across social sciences, this interest translates into a number of angles from which it is possible to tackle the issue of QWL. Indeed QWL is a multidimensional construct that encompasses the structuring aspects of the relationship between an individual and his overall working environment. As such, the QWL concept covers issues related to the work content, to the employment relationship as well as to the work environment. (…)

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