The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty

Conférence de David Blustein organisée par l’équipe de recherche Psychologie de l’orientation-INETOP du CRTD

Le vendredi 14 juin 2019 au Cnam Paris (Gay-Lussac)

This presentation reviews the major findings and conclusions from the forthcoming book entitled The Importance of Work in an Age of Uncertainty : The Eroding Work Experience in America (to be published in June 2019 by Oxford University Press).

A core aspect of this book is a comprehensive qualitative study of working in the U.S., known as the Boston College Working Project. This study sought to identify the lived experience of 58 adults using a purposive sample from a diverse array of settings with a particular focus on the participants’ work lives. One of the major themes that will be explored is the observation that there are two profoundly disparate experiences of working within the U.S.; some work for survival and struggle to eke out an existence while others work for self-determination and experience feelings of satisfaction and accomplishment in their work lives. In addition, this project identified a growing sense of social and psychological erosion in the workplace, which was manifested in a wide array of ways, including increased self- and other blame, as well as a fragmented sense of security and identity.

The presentation will conclude with future research directions and implications for counseling and public policy based on the findings from this study and related research. The presentation will include some brief readings from the book, including moving passages from the participants about the impact of work in people’s lives.

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