Bourdieu, Work and Inequalities

Colloque international organisé par le LISE (Cnam-CNRS)

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 15 avril 2022

Comité d’organisation : Maxime Quijoux (CNRS, CNAM) et Benjamin Brundu-Gonzalez (London School of Economics)

What can Pierre Bourdieu teach us about work and inequalities? On the 2oth anniversary of his death, this conference will gather social scientists from all around the world to discuss how his legacy can shed light on workplace and labour market processes and how these feed into inequalities.

While Bourdieu is widely perceived as a sociologist of social class, education, and culture, many recent works prove that it is possible and fruitful to analyse work and employment in Bourdieusian terms. At a time of rising economic inequality, we revisit Bourdieu to reflect on how his concepts can be deployed, elaborated, and refined in research on work and inequality.

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