Hybrid areas of work: Labour market transformations and forms of organizing

Appel à contributions de la Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia (RIS)

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 15 juin 2022

Coordination du numéro : Valeria Piro (Université de Milan), Annalisa Murgia (Université de Milan) et Christian Azaïs (Lise, Cnam)

Scholarly debate has long focused on how processes of flexibilisation have eroded the «standard employment relationship» traditionally embodied in a (male) employee with an open-ended and full-time contract, and who enjoys the full protection of labour law and the welfare system. On the one hand, the diffusion of fixed-term contracts, temporary agency work and solo self-employment – increasingly mediated by digital platforms – is rapidly multiplying the risk of precariousness for an ever-growing group of workers (Castel 2009; Kalleberg 2009; Vosko 2010). On the other hand, these forms of employment are fostering an unequal integration into the labour market that not only exacerbates traditional gender, class, age and ethnicity divisions (Banks, Milestone 2011; van Doorn 2017), but also further undermines labour’s rights and working conditions as a whole (Choonara et al. 2022), worsening the crisis of social reproduction in neoliberal capitalism (Leonard, Fraser 2016; Zanoni 2019). […]

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