Colloque : Writing Research Across Borders III

Congrès organisé par l’International Society for the Advancement of Writing Research (ISAWR)

Du mercredi 19 au samedi 22 février 2014 à l’Université Paris Ouest-La Défense

Avec la participation d’Anne JORRO, nouvellement arrivée au sein du Centre de recherche sur la formation (CRF), Cnam : « L’écriture d’étudiants : compétences, pratiques et discours ».

This Conference brings together the many writing researchers from around the world, drawing on all disciplines, and focused on all aspects of writing at all levels of development and in all segments of society. This conference will be not only an event allowing for dissemination of knowledge established by writing research, but also a space to promote encounters among different approaches to writing, and among different writing research communities. New projects and new collaborations will flourish.

Several key questions will be at the heart of the debates and discussions: what does it mean to write in the 21st century? In these times of multimedia technologies and globalization, in an era where the frontiers are blurring between the intimate and the social, between the private and the professional, what does Writing now mean? How might we respond to major societal challenges and face inequalities in access to writing? Are our currently-available research methodologies and tools up to the task of helping us to better understand what writing is, its functionalities, how it is acquired, its role in personal development, its history?

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