Learning in Communities

« Learning in Communities ». Adult Education and Development, 81, 2014

The current issue of the international journal “Adult Education and Development” is all about “communities”. 

We are all part of different communities. And we all learn in different communities. What is the role of adult education in indigenous, virtual, rural, professional, political and many other communities? What can it achieve? For “Adult Education and Development”, authors from all over the world show and discuss how learning in communities or “learning communities” look like today.

Dr. Gerd Müller, the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, talks about the role of adult education in development cooperation and Celita Eccher, Secretary General of the International Council for Adult Education until June 2014, provides a very personal look into her decades-long commitment to lifelong learning.

The section “Community Learning in …” presents portraits of community centers, concepts and projects that provide “learning close to home” from all parts of the world, from Georgia to South Africa and the Fiji Islands. And the Afghan Photographer Jawad Hamdard Kia shows us the other side of Afghanistan in his photo reportage on education centres in his home country.

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