CONFINTEA Research Scholarships 2015

Appel à projets de l’UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL)

In September 2015 UIL will offer four CONFINTEA research scholarships for a period of one month each to researchers from UNESCO Member States (particularly from the global South). The scholarships are mainly based on private donations from the British educationalist Peter Jarvis and his publisher Taylor & Francis and the Nomura Centre for Lifelong Integrated Education in Japan.

The CONFINTEA research scholarship programme was launched in 2012 and since then a total of eleven scholars have taken part in the programme. Participants are selected on the basis of their potential to produce articles, research papers, programme tools or policies which can be shared with decision-makers and will have an impact in the education sector of their home countries.

Prospective scholars will be able to benefit from using UIL’s knowledge base and resources for their research in the area of lifelong learning with a focus on adult and continuing education, literacy and non-formal basic education. Scholarship holders will spend the month of September 2015 at UIL. In addition, scholarship holders will have a chance to exchange knowledge with other scholars, UIL staff and its external partners. (…)

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Date limite de soumission des propositions : 30 avril 2015

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