Labor market trajectories and life course of youth with a migration background

IMISCOE 15th Annual Conference | Barcelone, du 2 au 4 juillet 2018

Comité d’organisation : Yaël Brinbaum (CNAM-LISE-CEET), Rosita Fibbi (SFM), Philip Schnell (Institut für Soziologie, Universität Wien), Nicolas Legewie (DIW Berlin), Ingrid Tucci (LEST-CNRS).

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 8 décembre 2017

So far, comparative research on immigrants’ descendants and on migrants focus more on the comparison of cross-sectional indicators and on the degree of inequalities on those outcomes in education and the labor market. We invite submissions of papers tackling  questions related to the analysis of the trajectories of immigrants’ descendants and/or young migrants on the labour market. The contributions might use qualitative or quantitative data but we especially welcome contributions based on a mixed methods design or on longitudinal (retrospective or panel) data. International or regional comparative studies are also welcome. (…)

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