The work and employment grey zone. Making sense of labor market transformations in globalization

Appel à communication organisé dans le cadre du Congrès de l’Institut des Amériques | Paris, du 9 au 11 octobre 2019

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 15 octobre 2018

Atelier organisé par Christian AZAÏS (LISE, Cnam-CNRS), Patrick DIEUAIDE (Paris 3-Icee) & Donna KESSELMAN (Upec-Imager). 

Apparently paradoxical approaches to comprehending 21st century labor market trends shed light upon certain tendencies but tend to overshadow others. Academia explores increasingly segmented forms of insiders and outsiders, precarious work and bad jobs. International organizations and policy making spheres – OECD, European Union, etc. – have adopted, to the contrary, indicators of the supposed health of labor markets so broad that they tend to blur the very nature of work and employment situations, notably the most precarious, that of the “employment rate”, not to mention the ILO’s “decent work”. At the same time, both approaches, be they labor market segmentation or overarching macro-blurred views, are fundamentally based on statistics, categories and mindsets still anchored in binary 20th century wage labor society. (…)

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