Inclusive Futures for Europe BEYOND Industrie4.0 and Digital Disruption

Conférence organisée dans le cadre du projet H2020 Beyond4.0 (Inclusive Futures for Europe BEYOND the impacts of Industrie 4.0 and Digital Disruption)

Date limite d’envoi des propositions : 15 mars 2021

BEYOND4.0 is a research innovation action under the topic “Research for inclusive growth: addressing the socioeconomic effects of technological transformations” of the Horizon 2020 programme fostered by the European Commission. The BEYOND4.0 project aims to help deliver an inclusive European future by examining the impact of the new technologies on the future of jobs, business models and welfare. The project has five objectives: Provide new, scientific insight into technological transformation; Provide new, scientific insight into company strategies dealing with technological transformation; Examine the impact of technological transformation on quality, content, and distribution of work; skill needs; education and training; value creation by companies; Identify policyoptions for fiscal policy (e.g. robot taxes) and welfare policy (e.g. basic income) and Identify social investment approaches and tools for inclusive growth.

The conference is organised by the BEYOND4.0 Consortium and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (incollaboration with the European School of Social Innovation ESSI, the European Workplace Innovation EUWIN network and other networks and projects such as Paradigms4.0) in order to give international researchers in social sciences an opportunity to exchange the results of recent research in different fields of the consequences of digital transformations on work and employment. The conference aim is to present and discuss project findings thus far. In addition, relevant contributions from other EU projects and research on the digital transformation are encouraged in order to synergize and synthesize results.

En savoir plus : Call for Papers Sofia 2021-v.19.1.2021