Hybrid Identities: An interdisciplinary vision of social mobility

Colloque international organisé du 16 au 18 novembre 2011 à Lleida (Espagne) :

Twelve research groups will meet at the Universitat de Lleida to study the main historical, linguistic, sociological and anthropological axes that define individual and collective identity. This, in turn, will facilitate an analysis of the exchanges, relationships and interactions that characterize our lives. With this in mind, every year, the IRIS organizes an international meeting to bring together the leading specialists in different academic areas to explore such subjects as hybridisation, socio-cultural interaction, migratory movements, gender politics and all these phenomena, observing them from an interdisciplinary, diachronic and geographically diverse perspective. Literature, History, Anthropology and Philosophy can provide a wide range of insights, explanations and conceptual analyses that will allow us to improve our understanding of such contemporary phenomena as the new role of women in society, virtual networks, migration, and new political movements.

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